Thursday, 21 April 2011

Schools’ out for summer :-)

Its been a very busy time over the last few months of that there’s no doubt. Training for the boat, an IT project, Pike fishing, working on the book and school too!

Its probably reflected in the posts that have been appearing on the blog recently – generally short and sourced from the web, the odd occasion I can put something together has been quite rare.

I am enrolled on the Failte Ireland Bsc Tourism enterprise management 3 year degree programme at WIT – (2011–2014) and now school is officially out until September! I am just about finished my submissions and its a weight of my shoulders – its going to require a lot of commitment and I hope that its not reflected too badly here. I am learning a lot and I love the interaction with other tourism providers -

I do feel to that during my submissions which are based around actual existing business practices that I can do something even more for bass fishing in this country. I am ensuring its continued profile to the graduate business department at WIT and indeed the Failte Ireland people involved in the programme. Hopefully by increasing their awareness of my small fishing business and how I can improve it combined with the many issues involved around bass fishing in this country it can do no harm to the tourism potential and protection of the fishery.

So instead of spending my days and occasional nights at study, the fishing season begins for me shortly. I will start posting in the conditions section in about two weeks time as the bass fishing usually kicks off around week 18 (the first spring tides of May).

Hopefully VERY Bendy very shortly.


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