Thursday 21 April 2011

Stones, they fall

There is a short window of opportunity opening – might be a bit too short though.

From a South Easterly perspective -

  • Sudden cooler flowing air over warmer water can make fishing difficult

  • Sudden or extended periods of cooler flowing air over already cool water will make fishing difficult (Spring - late Autumn) for a time

  • Sudden change from cooler air to warmer air over warmer/cooler water will create opportunities on the right tidal cycle

  • Protracted periods of cooler moving air has more impact than shorter periods

  • Sudden dropping air temperatures have less impact time during autumn than during spring or summer

  • Impact time during autumn is shorter than during spring or summer

  • Fishing periods during off-shore winds are more difficult than during on-shore winds

  • Protracted periods of either off-shore or on-shore winds will affect your fishing

  • Air temperatures increase/decrease much faster and are much more irregular than sea temperatures which are more stable over time

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