Wednesday 8 August 2012

Experiencing a new (hopefully temporary) reality

Its certainly a new challenge for me and my business, the decreasing numbers of fish that is! Lets be honest here there’s no avoiding it, bass are largely absent from our coasts at this time. Talking about it openly has its risks and of course its own complications regarding the possible reasons any or all of which could be a cause for their absence.

Funny thing though, there’s largely a BIG silence around their absence, or else an exaggerated picture of their presence. Yes there are fish to be caught, some, but at this time this is the exception rather than the rule. So forums and blogs and websites remain quiet – not voicing the obvious but infrequently reporting an ‘exceptional’ fish.

Four bass anglers for four days for four fish – a frequent unit of effort calculation that sums up the real situation.

Staying silent about it is of course another strategy, an easy one.

Whether it be a natural phenomena, a change in behaviour or something more serious its largely extant around our normal prolific ‘bass coasts’ at this time. For me I need to strike the balance between fairness and expectation with customers currently arriving at my door.

Again yes there are fish to be caught but the unit of effort is enormous, has been for weeks and weeks. I have been personally motivated over the last twenty day run by the positive attitude of my customers, their eagerness to learn new techniques, presentations, casting, even new locations. As a bass fishing guide (and where it fits) I have had to push all my timings, options, variations in equipment and solutions, techniques and experience to be at its very best.

If you’re a recreational angler I share in your frustration, as a person who largely makes his living from Guided Bass Angling well I guess its a very different and worrying perspective. I remain optimistic and now have a weeks holidays ahead to think and gather my thoughts.

When they come back will we ask what was all the fuss about?

What fuss exactly?

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