Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Twenty days–twenty ways-twenty places-so many moments

After 20 days of remarkable experiences with remarkably patient, enthusiastic and great people I can only reflect on the many many moments. The methods and locations, from shallow running surf through driving current, into estuaries, climbing out onto sunny flats, from distance casting soft baits to double hauling ten inch flies fished on T-17 and XL50’s!

The fun the frustration the joy the tired sore bones and muscles and wet waders and resignation and hope and ready to try again and again.

Londoners, Dubliners, Newcastle, Ireland, France, men and women battling the environment, the weather, reaching within themselves to push the techniques to perfect it to realise that no forum or book or blog can replace learning it, doing it!

Perseverance has its own rewards. Thanks to all of you. - Jim

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