Saturday 4 January 2014

Bass and seatrout fishing planner 2014

Please find below my planning for bass and seatrout fishing at this time. Where indicated I have both reserved and provisional reservations completed at this time. I have some work to do for dates regarding some workshops and the destination guided workshops, I will complete these during the next few days. Due to an unexpected cancellation September is fully available at this stage! This, however, will fill very quickly once it goes on here.

Thank you again for your Christmas vouchers and no doubt we will fill in the days on the planner as you confirm them to me over the next few months. Please be aware that all workshop vouchers are open ended and I consider them to be open until completed regardless of receipt date.

There will also be a Spring and Autumn Two day fly tying fly fishing fly casting workshop during 2014 including 2H rods and I will update the planner once these are decided.

Regards - Jim

Fishing and reservations 2014 by Jim Hendrick

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