Saturday, 4 January 2014

This year I’ll be mostly wearing–get a grip!

Bass fishing in Ireland

Vision Loikka wading boots

Lightweight but solidBass fishing in Ireland
Made from synthetic material for minimal water absorption
Optimised seam placement
Comfortable neoprene lining in the ankle section
Proper protection for both the toe and heel areas
Durable nylon shoe laces

Available in addition to full felt soles with novel Gummi rubber soles and low profile tungsten studs and with plain Gummi sole.

V3110 Felt, sizes #6 - #13
V3111 Gummi rubber sole & tungsten studs, #6 - #14
V3112 Gummi, #6 - #14

I’ve been wearing felt soled boots forever I guess, and during that time have ever only slipped badly twice. Twice was enough mind! As boot manufactures the world over are forced to replace felt as a material (invasive species risk, which is of course another huge topic) for soles I’m always on the lookout for something that’s going to work in the future as a replacement. Vibram, crushed walnut, even plastic chipping. I wonder myself in the midst of all this debate doesn’t the upper body of the boot carry just as much deadly cargo of invasive types as the sole does?


Just for the interest of it there are two types I’d like to try this year the Lokkai above with the Gummi sole and the tested low profile tungsten studs added to the sole. These studs work extremely well when combined with the softness of GUMMI and they form together a solid grip, interesting!

 The other wading boot I’m sort of interested in is the Orvis Pivot. Made in Area 51 under strict conditions, apparently, you can walk up walls in these.

 Of course even with advanced techno rubber soles its still necessary to dry and treat all boots before venturing between freshwater fisheries, which I do anyway.

But at the saltwater coast my main interest is in maintaining my grip!

I’ll definitely wear the Lokkais with the combi sole over a period of about three months this season, a real test as opposed to just trying them on, – will advise !

A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim

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