Thursday 18 September 2014

Under the influence II–the grip loosens….


We have been in the grip of an anticylonic system for nearly three weeks now, and it looks like its stuck for another few days, up to Sunday at least. But then on Monday we are released from its grasp and the week ahead looks really good for bass fishing – new moon, nice tides, a swing of systems to the south west and a mid week ‘perfect storm’.

Imagine breaking white water at last!

If you can get your planning right in the right locations it looks red hot mid week. I’m hearing genuine experiences of lots of hard hours done by some of the best bass anglers in Ireland over the past few weeks and it has been tough out there !

As any bass angler knows (depending on your location and degree of  influence) a North Easter / Easter does nothing to excite us…on this coast anyway.

However I wont be confusing a shift in weather patterns that may increase the likelihood of success with the conclusion that all is well with the fishery.

After all its bound to be better for many reasons.

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