Monday 1 December 2003

Guided Boat Fishing Service from SEAi

Fancy a relaxed guided fishing break fly or lure fishing on an estuary in a nice boat designed for the job?
Available only as a Three Day option
With the season of 2015 now disappearing behind us its time to think of the possibilities of the coming season. With mullet and sea trout running the estuaries in the early days of Spring and Bass too which are never far away, they could make a pleasant surprise bonus up to May 16th – we have many options for sport fishing on fly and lure.

Gilthead bream are also a fish now on our target list and will provide opportunities for the progressive angler willing to try on both fly or lure from May onwards

The spring days incorporates the use of our new Boston Whaler 18 101749079_11thumbwith a powerful outboard and a stealthy electric engine to ensure minimal disturbance we can glide and skim across the tide and position ourselves on sandbars, at rips and drop offs and at many other advantageous positions.

Lunch will be provided and homemade bread, scones and fruit cake or tart is the order of the day, and your day, well its six hours long, fishing is from 10:00 to 16:00 or thereabouts, depending on our angling plan
The following angling inventory is provided with the boat for your use -

Fly Fishing sea trout mullet and bream
Rods – Echo edge  #8’s, Echo edge #7’s, High Tide #6’s
Lines – Guideline coastal intermediates and floaters #7’s, #6’s
Leaders – Custom built and optional airflo poly leaders
Flies – A unique range of flies hand tied in Ireland for our specific fishing

Fly Line Notes
The coastal fly lines from guideline are aimed at fly fishers targeting Sea trout, Bass and other species like mullet requiring a stealthy approach and long, accurate casts with a fly line that leaves no wake on the surface. The low-profile head has a length of 10,5 meters and transfers into a floating running line that makes up the rest of this 32 meter long WF line.

Coastal Clear Floating is an interesting option for mullet fishing and drifting in the shallows.
Coastal Slow Intermediates are built on a DC core,they will detect the tiniest pulls from any shy fish. The sink rate is 1,25 cm/sec. making it ideal for fishing just under the surface, even at a relatively slow retrieve. This density might require you to pull the line down under the surface during certain conditions. This is only natural for a line, as close to neutral as this one. Currently finding this very handy for mullet in the shallows.
The coastal fast Intermediate has a sink-rate of 3.8cm/sec. The DC core will help detect subtle takes and set the hook effortlessly, even at long range and fishing this one for bass on cooler days
Fly Fishing bass
Rods – TFO – Ticrx '# 7’s and #8’s (#9’s when needed)
Lines – Guideline coastal and Rio intermediates and sinkers  #8’s and 9’s
Reels – Danielsson LW 6/9’s
Flies – A unique range of flies hand tied in Ireland for our specific fishing

Lure Fishing sea trout bass and bream
Rods – Illex Element riders 210, 220 240 – Smith Interborons
Lines – Sunline saltwater braids
Reels – Shimano 2500’s 3000’s and 4000’s
Lures – A comprehensive range of both soft and hard lures covering all presentations necessary for your fishin
Lure  Notes
The range provided includes top of the range soft plastics and jig heads from Illex, Waveworm, Gary Yamamoto, amongst others. Hard lures both surface and diving come from Illex, lucky craft and SMITH – including a micro lure range for sea trout and bream.
These options will run from March 18th through to June 13th – the flies, lures and tactics used during the closed season are sufficiently specific to all but eliminate bass from our targets during the closed season.
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