Thursday 25 September 2008

Bass Fishing on the Fly in Norway DVD

Would anybody be interested in helping me put together a team to do something similar to this for Ireland in 2009? - it looks excellent.

Bass Fly Fishing - Norway

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Conditions South East - Week 40

We are certainly enjoying a great spell of weather at the moment - lots of sunshine, warm days and cool nights. From a Wexford bass fishing point of view, winds have been predominantly easterly or north easterly which is not neccessarily good.

The sea is laid 'flat' and calm and the air feels 'bright' and hard at sea. This often pushes fish off or into deeper feeding patterns - often the better fishing is to be had late at night. Especially over the last few neap tides.

Water clarity is excellent and should remain so over the next few days.

There is a chance that the wind will turn and blow south westerly or westerly over the weekend. This is good news as it will put 'activity' back into the water! This is a rather rapid change over from east to to south westerly so there may be a lag in the return or onset of good fishing. But it will come back and water clarity wont deteriorate too quickly.
Opportunities exist on early morning tides next week for suitable falling tide venues or 'exiting' fish. Evening tides correspond nicely with falling light levels - the phase of the moon is good too. I'm prepared and slightly anticipate a good week for fishing. I will be spending the next 10 days in the company of three french men - we will be fly fishing for pike, salmon, brown trout and of course my favourite BASS.
I will also be delivering the last Bass Fishing School of the season!
Bendy Rods

September evening at the river

Tuesday 23 September 2008

remains an influence

With, without
And who'll deny its what the fightings all about
Out of the way, its a busy day
I've got things on my mind
For want of the price of a tea and a slice
The old man died.

Richard Wright

A day with friends on the boat

Sunday 21 September 2008

Fishing Report - Sept 15 to Sept 19 - Jim Hendrick

I'm limited and unable to publish many of the photos of the fish we had last week as we are saving them for European publications.

It was a tough weeks fishing made tougher by the added expectation of the fishery and its performance.

A rapid change and settling of the weather produced flat seas and little activity, coupled to NE breezes, fishing, well catching at least was, at times was very difficult.

Once the wind turned south westerly or southerly it was like throwing a switch - on they came!

But with perserverance and hard work we managed both editorials and I'm happy with the results!

Several fish over 3 KGs were taken and once again it continues to be a learning process. Its never going to be easy, good weather, bad weather, different weather - the challenges certainly exist.

Good anglers recognise the subtle differences, the changes, and acknowledge these challenges as different experiences. No fishery can perform at its optimum all of the time - this was one of those weeks when it didnt. We are in peak season, with good even if sometimes too settled weather - however next week is another challenge!

Friday 19 September 2008

End of the week

There is no doubt in my mind at this time that this week has been particularly difficult for bass fishing in Wexford. SEAi continues to develop its well established relationship with French bass fishermen and this week Daniel from Peche en Mer magazine (55,000 copies per month) was here to sample the fishing and make some articles. Journalists also joined us from Holland for the week.

Through some tough days of flat calms, north easterly breezes and sunny skies I think we've done Wexford and indeed Ireland and its wonderful fishing proud again. Constant comments were made about our fantastic coastline, the nice town and all its shops and pubs, and the friendliness of the people. This is just a few of many.

To all the people invloved during the week - Sandra, Ryan, Danny, David, Ashley, Jonathan, Neville, John, who helped in more ways than they can imagine - many thanks.


Monday 15 September 2008

Dublin Bass on the fly - Ger Potter

Hi Jim

Just to let you know that I caught this beauty this afternoon at 12.45pm.(h.w.+45mins.)
wind=s.e.3/4 onshore,100% cloud cover Near ................ co.Dublin.
water clarity=good. Bass=60cm,5lbs.6ozs.

Landing gear

Fly size#1/0 razzle dazzle fly,(I got the recipe for the fly from Ray Bonderew's book,"Stripers and Streamers".)The fly measures approx. 6"and is coloured blue,green,yellow and white!
Line Rio striped bass intermediate #9.

Rod Vision GT4 sw 9' #9.

Reel Loop evotec clw 5-8.This in my opinion is an excellent composite reel that is reasonably priced and won't corrode unlike the innards of the scierra xda it replaced!

Thanks again for all your help and advice

Sunday 14 September 2008

International Interest-Bass Fishing Wexford

Daniel la Raux - Jounalist & Angler - Peche en Mer - France

Nico de Boer - Journalist & Angler - De Roofvis - Holland

Wijm Brassar - Angler - Holland

Brian Mc Ardle - Angler - Boston - USA

Friday 12 September 2008

Daiwa Certate Bass Rods - 902ms / 802ms

You might be familiar with the Daiwa certate spinning reel - a true gem - but have you fished with the Daiwa Certate Bass Rods?

Last week I fished with both the 902ms and the 802ms - and had great fun landing some serious fish. A review is scheduled later this weekend in Bassfishing files.

Thursday 11 September 2008

Conditions South East - Week 38

I daren't say it - so I'm sorry I missed last weeks weather report but I think this week is looking pretty toughish. Moon phase is not the best but we cant have everything I suppose. Its the first time in a long time that I can relax a little bit about the weather for two days.

There is a colored section about 40 metres deep currently along the southern and eastern shoreline - it may take a while for this to settle - perhaps over the weekend! However I am not optimistic for the week ahead.

Next week its looking easterly - my least favourite of winds but at this stage of the game its becoming apparent that forecasts are only reasonably accurate to within 24 -36 hrs.

What can I say - after a summer like this years, fish get on with their lives - when its tough they do things differently, so must you or I as anglers.

A fishing report

There are a number of things going on in this REPORT - probably working on levels that can only be discovered over time and a re-read or two -

I can’t say thank you enough (to all of you) for what is a glowing example of what I am trying to achieve through SEAi, this report alone represents to me what the Bass fishery in Ireland is about.

Having fun, catching sporting fish on new and challenging methods, staying safe, camaraderie, memories, all done in a perfectly sustainable environment.

I worked hard those three days - no harder than normal mind you - I felt I needed to get the message across to somebody to demonstrate that SEAI is not just an 'aspiration, a bring somebody fishing type set-up’. It is a proper angling guiding service that has operated around the bass fishery in this country for six years now.

Whilst this post maybe written around SEAi - it’s really much more than that. Here in Ireland we have a bass fishery to rival any in Europe or indeed the world. However we as anglers seem to pay scant attention to the protection, exploitation, development and the conservation of the species.

Its time, as IRISH sea anglers, to start thinking constructively and positively about the future. To think about and act about this resource and those that need protection, resources that have the potential for continued development on one hand and exploitation on the other.

Rather than ignoring the in-action, rather than ignoring the inability or lack of will to prosecute illegal offenders, (this only empowers them to continue), rather than listening to and following blindly the rapidly emerging experts - you must realise as Irish Sea anglers that this fishery is here and needs your support. Nobody else can do it!

It’s down to you to drive and change the in-action, to ask questions about protection, to do something and realise the value of what we have - the potential, the expertise, the challenges, and to acknowledge these things and do more, for ourselves and by ourselves, for a change and indeed, the future of bass angling in this country.

Thank you Pat, Andy and Gerry.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Bass fly fishing Ireland - P10 - Where should I fish?

Here we are a third of the way through the SWFF section already. Looking back over the previous six sections I can see where some posts need to be re-written and indeed more information added. That will be done in time, at the moment I want to keep moving forward at the rate of one posting a month. That will mean by next Spring we should be up to post number 14 or 15.

SWFF - Part 1 of 21 General Fly Choices

SWFF – Part 2 of 21 – The instinct of the decision

SWFF – Part 3 of 21 – Where is my fly

SWFF- Part 4 of 21 – Choosing a fly

SWFF – Part 5 of 21 – Fly-casting for saltwater

SWFF – Part 6 of 21 – Choosing the right fly lines

SWFF – Part 7 of 21 – Where should I Fish

Where should I fish?

In the articles section of this blog you can find detailed descriptions of how you can attempt saltwater fly fishing both on the The Rocky Shore and within and around estuaries Estuaries. Perhaps you can use these quick links to access the articles at a later time,

Looking at all that water around the coast its a big place – this is where you are going to flyfish and isn’t it a pretty big place? What I want you to look for and indentify are places like

The mouth of estuaries.
Rocky headlands.
Points of land that stick into the sea.
Long stretches of beach that suddenly stop.
Deep patches of water that lie close to shore.
Where rivers flow into the sea.

Circle these places on your map – these are all possible fish holding areas. Pick some that are relatively close together but offer different types of topography and concentrate on those. Open your tide tables look for the next low tide, and then when the time is right pop the children in the car and tell your wife/partner that you are taking the smallies on a picnic/treasure hunt, hence the map and compass. Remember you will often be travelling to these places early in the morning so a long distance journey is not recommended. Look at the maps in the weather section of the newspaper and note the wind direction. When you arrive at low tide look for deep pools, rocky patches and reefs, holes and gullies, water colour, try to imagine when the tide is rising where does the water flow and how does it flow around and within the area. Are there any ambush sites where predatory fish will be lying in wait? Is it possible to access these areas as the tide is rising and are these areas a safe place to fish? Note what way the wind is blowing and how is this going to affect your casting ability/range/accuracy. Keep visiting the areas with the children or for long romantic walks with your loved one and as the year moves closer to summer, activity in the water should increase, baitfish should appear, sea trout, bass and mullet will show themselves on or above the surface. Keep constant notes of wind direction, temperature, tides, phases of the moon, natural activity. These notes will, over time become your fishing reference

Of the areas that you have chosen perhaps two or three will have most if not all of the following

A strong geographical feature – like rocks, headland, or river mouth etc.
Will have displayed high levels of natural activity – bird life, and fish life.
Is prone to tidal currents like slacks and fast eddies
Is easy to access and safe to fish
Is fishable in different wind directions.

This is where you are going to fish. Let these three places be your own private hunting grounds, get to know them like your back garden. Begin to feel comfortable there in all conditions and begin to anticipate the effects of the combinations of wind, tide, and temperature on your fishing environment and the wildlife that inhabits the area. There is always the opportunity with time spent at the water either fishing or simply observing to add to that vast database that is necessary for success. For instance, you will learn that a sudden drop in temperature (by two degrees or more) or a sudden change in wind direction, or a slight combination and change of these factors will turn fish off for a while and make them harder to catch. Weather will also play havoc with your casting and mood, its difficult to get motivated at times but no one else can make you pick up that rod and get out there!

Next Month (October) - When should I fish?

Jump for your lives

A week in September

letters and phone calls etc

I met some people at the weekend who spoke to me about their frustation at not having had any reply to their letters or phone calls regarding illegal bass fishing in Wexford. This is nothing new and all I can say to you is to continue to send the letters, make the phone calls, make copies of them and send them to politicians and anyone else whom you can think of !

Monday 8 September 2008

Fishing Report - Sept 01 to Sept 07 - Jim Hendrick

The sea bass team of Patrick, Philipe and Gerard had lined themselves up with the first week of Septembers good tide. You can see some of the photos of the week below - conditions remained very variable and as a consequence fishing was very difficult at times.

Highlight of the week was Patricks excellent fish of 5.65kgs on the evening of the first day. With the large amount of runoff and onshore breezes the search for clear water continued on a day by day basis - Thursdays rapidly descending barometric saw us stopped in our tracks.

With perservereance and hard work all three guys managed fished each day even on Friday and saturday which im sure you will remember as been particualrly inclement!

Landing Gear

Reels - Daiwa Certate, Daiwa Exist, Shimano Stella

Rods- Illex, Zenaq, Tenryu, Smith and the Daiwa BASS Certate 902ms

Lines- Powerpro

Lures and Techniques

A week in September

Tuesday 2 September 2008

In Bass Fishing Files NOW -

The eleventh specimen of our season was recorded last evening - see all the details, rod, reel line and lure in Bassfishing Files later this week.

Plus after a years fishing I review of the best bass fishing reels currently available -

Daiwa Certate and the Daiwa Exist

New Website

The beginning AND the end…

Forwarded to - The Irish Bass Policy Group (David McInerny, John Quinlan, Shane O Reilly, Mike Hennessy, Dr William Roche, Dr Nial O'Ma...