Monday 15 September 2008

Dublin Bass on the fly - Ger Potter

Hi Jim

Just to let you know that I caught this beauty this afternoon at 12.45pm.(h.w.+45mins.)
wind=s.e.3/4 onshore,100% cloud cover Near ................ co.Dublin.
water clarity=good. Bass=60cm,5lbs.6ozs.

Landing gear

Fly size#1/0 razzle dazzle fly,(I got the recipe for the fly from Ray Bonderew's book,"Stripers and Streamers".)The fly measures approx. 6"and is coloured blue,green,yellow and white!
Line Rio striped bass intermediate #9.

Rod Vision GT4 sw 9' #9.

Reel Loop evotec clw 5-8.This in my opinion is an excellent composite reel that is reasonably priced and won't corrode unlike the innards of the scierra xda it replaced!

Thanks again for all your help and advice

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