Tuesday 9 June 2015

Bass tide approaching

A near perfect set of opportunities to catch bass on opening day or close to it presents itself this year on the south coast – current conditions might be considered difficult but that’s fine, it just adds positivity to the equation. It’s the sudden change around the 15th / 16th to south westerly that’s just perfect but not only that this is combined with an incredible set of NEW MOON tides too. A chance to catch em...the text below is from this post on Probassfisher - http://www.probassfisher.ie/2010/10/sequencing_27.html from a while back - expect an 'elastic to snap' on the 16th June.

The forecast was for the big blow to arrive quickly on the south coast on Friday late morning or early afternoon corresponding to a rising spring tide approaching the top of its cycle. What this would do and depending on the arrival time of the system would be to generate ideal fishing conditions for bass. Coastal water would be clear and break white in the increasing wind strength; the sudden wave activity generated would provide cover to hunt and also create feeding opportunities that haven’t existed for a number of days. All this was happening over a single rising tide on a spring cycle. It was a perfect short bass fishing storm that was visible from as early as the 10th of October – 12 days previously; this was the stretching of the elastic. It snapped on Friday somewhere around midday of the 22nd.

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