Friday 1 July 2011

Illex element rider now available at SEAi

ELEMENT RIDER S210 and S240 plus a range of hard and soft baits from Illexab_asso_5913_08ab_asso_5913_06
The S210 is designed specifically for fishing with soft lures like the Nitro Soft jerk and a Lightning Head. Can also be used with conventional lures in standard sizes! The ELEMENT RIDER S 210 H has been specially designed for vertically working heavy plastic lures.
Designed for casting from the shore the S 240 M and MH optional has a powerful yet light blank and is surprisingly sensitive through the tip section. Can be used to cast plugs and lures between 10g and 30g surprisingly long distances. The tip action is perfect for positively animating lures and the blank has plenty of reserve power ...

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