Thursday 29 March 2012

Workshop - Intro to lure fishing for bass and other species

Free Workshop Saturday May 19th – from 09:30 – 14:30

 I'm afraid due to demand this workshop is now full - thank you, Jim

rotate.phpAs part of the fisheries awareness week 2012 May 12th – May 19th – I will hold an introductory workshop here at SEAi (FOC of course). The workshop will include an overview of all current methods used for bass fishing this will include a short trip to the sea for a little practical session – tea and coffee will be served.


Plan for morning

09:30 – Arrival
10:00 - Introductions and workshop
11:15 – Tea and coffee
11:30 – Workshop
13:00 – Practical at waters edge

  • Influences
  • Timings
  • Tides
  • Conservation and protection
  • Gear including lines, leaders rods and reels
  • Soft bait rigging, fishing methods and choices
  • Hard baits and their applications
  • Saltwater fly fishing for bass an overview
As places are limited please contact me at

If you have a younger member of the family looking to start in this fantastic fishing then this is the place for him or her…..

Regards Jim

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Rocky shore: Tuesday evening

Landing Gear 

Rod – Illex Element rider 220m  
Reel – Shimano Twin Power 3000  
Line – Fammel – 9kgs  
Leader – Rio Fluoroflex +  
Lure – Illex I-Shad, Illex gambit jig head

Rising tide into a glorious spring sunset, a great evening today with William and Richie. The fish were behind the waves riding in and out. All Illex equipment available at SEAi – Wexford

Thursday 22 March 2012

Peace - the fish are where we're gonna be

Riding High: A Season on the Fly from Waterline Media on Vimeo.

Contribution unknown......

Does Recreational Angling contribute to the economy?

Inland Fisheries Ireland(IFI) has appointed Tourism Development International (TDI) to undertake a Socio-Economic Survey of Recreational Angling in Ireland. The overall objective of the survey is to establish the current volume and value of domestic and overseas recreational angling in Ireland. It will run over the course of 2012.
Pike, coarse fish, bass, salmon, sea trout, brown trout and sea anglers will all be invited to participate in Irelands most comprehensive angling survey undertaken in decades. The Survey will inform IFI and its tourism partners in relation to the angling product in Ireland and also enable improved strategic planning and decision making in respect of product development and marketing.
‘Anglers are the key to this survey’, commented Minister Fergus O Dowd, TD, ‘they know the resource and they understand the importance of sustainability. What anglers contribute to Ireland’s economy is unknown but I am certain that it is significant. Angling takes place in every river and lake in Ireland and all around our coastline. There is no town or village in Ireland that doesn’t have anglers. It is imperative that the inland fisheries and sea angling resources are managed in the best way possible to ensure enjoyment for our local and visiting anglers, sustainable jobs in rural communities and maximising its potential to add to Ireland’s economy. Getting the right information from those most involved will greatly assist in improving the angling product.’
The survey comprises two parts, a household survey and a survey of recreational anglers which will commence in April. Anglers will be met at fishing locations throughout Ireland and invited to participate there and then, or later by phone or on-line. Every effort will be made to accommodate participation.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Soft and fluffy - thank you!

The presentation that I made for Hooked Live is also available through the slideshare on line presentation software - I purchased the option just before the show to make the SS available through an embed on PBF.

Today, long after I had forgotten about my account creation I received and auto email from slideshow telling me that more than 1,000 people have viewed or downloaded the slideshow.

I hope that it has been of some help to you whom have taken the time - I'm never going to be the best presenter by any means, and looking at the slide show only a small part of the information comes across through the slides, there is simply layers and layers to be spoken about at each stage. 30 minutes is not enough for such a subject!

Thanks for your time and bendy rods for 2012

Tuesday 13 March 2012

The winter weather of 2011/12

Mean air temperatures for the season were between 1.2°C and 2.0°C above normal, with all three months of Winter recording above average air temperatures for the time of year. Mean air temperatures recorded in the west and southwest were the highest relative to normal, with Shannon Airport and Belmullet reporting their warmest winter since 1989 (23 years). Knock Airport reported a seasonal mean temperature of 5.5°C, its highest winter mean temperature since the station
opened in 1996 (16 years). Most other stations across the country reported that it was not as warm as the winters of 2007/2008. Mean maximum and mean minimum temperatures were all above average, with the majority of minimum air and grass temperatures for Winter were recorded during the cold spell at the start of February. Most lowest minimum air and grass temperatures especially in the south and southwest were the highest in the number of years, with Valentia Observatory
reporting an Winter air temperature of 1.7°C and a Winter grass minimum of -3.1°C, the highest recorded at the site since 1939 (73 years)
and 1989 (23 years), respectively.

Other stations in the area reported their highest minimums in five to 17 years. Majority of rainfall totals were below normal for Winter across the southern half of the country and in some parts of the east. Rainfall totals were below average in the majority of these parts during December and January, while all stations reported dry conditions in February. Most stations the east and south reported a below average number of wet days (days with 1 mm or more) and the driest Winter since 2006 (6 years). Highest daily falls were recorded at various times, mainly on December 12th and January 29th, with the daily falls recorded at stations in the south and southwest being the lowest in six to 15 years.

Percentage of normal sunshine values for Winter were nearly all below normal. Below average totals were recorded during all three months of the season except at Dublin Airport, where above normal sunshine was recorded during December, January and February leading to a slightly above normal value for the season.
Stations in the southwest reported the lowest amount of sunshine hours and sunshine relative to normal, with Valentia Observatory and Shannon Airport both reporting their lowest winter sunshine since sunshine records began at the stations in 1939 (73 years) and 1945 (67 years), respectively. Other stations reported it
was the dullest winter in 16 to 20 years, with Dublin Airport, who had above average sunshine this season, reporting it was the dullest winter since 2006.

Source Met Eireann

Sunday 11 March 2012

Why do bass choose to eat strange things?

The full version of the presentation - nice to meet some people on Saturday and thanks for the support - this is the full version of the slide show with the details
Bass fishing in ireland  

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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Wild silver on the swing in the sea

I had a brilliant time this morning fishing with Ger. Trying for some trout we were committed to taking them on the fly in the sea – using a steelhead type swing with a mini flatwing pattern resulted in the fish above. Thanks to Ger for the photos too.
Landing Gear
Rod: G-Loomis #7 GLX crosscurrent
Reel: Danielsson LW6/9
Line: Guideline pounch #7 Rio Gold #7 F
Leader: Airflo polyleader 5’-0” and 10 inches of Rio Fluoroflex +
Fly: Mini flatwing Olive over white see post below

Its good to talk

Steve and I have shared a few e-mails over the past few years

I opened this one from Steve this morning.


Hi Jim,

Hope all is well in Ireland.

Do you remember last year I asked you about catching Gilthead Bream on the RA Pop.

As you was so helpful I thought I’d give you a little update on how my season panned out!.

Firstly I never managed a Gilthead although I had a couple of hits that didn't connect. I also found that when I did find some Gilts they spooked very easily.

I’ll still be trying to get a bream this year so fingers crossed.

On one of my trips in July last season, I figured I had spooked the bream out of a shallow bay so I moved into an area of rocky ridges and worked a yozuri Arms Pencil. I had stayed back from the waters edge almost hidden behind some rocks, flicked the small yozuri over a submerged rock and then started to slowly work it back towards me. As the the lure came over the rock a large bass came up from the depths and took the plug heading straight back down. I tightened into the bass and it pulled like a beast...... I eased the drag slightly and after getting her up on the surface thought heck this is a real good one. After a bit more give and take I got the bass out and weighed it, 8lb12oz a new personal best for me. Took a few pictures and put her back, she took ages to swim away but did after a while. I was on cloud nine and it was almost unbelievable, a really bright day and calm. Lesson learned...... stealth really paid off.


As the summer progressed I had some good bass fishing at other marks in the dark, plenty in the 4lb size. Night plugging is still fairly new to me and I’m still learning. I had a trip in November at night and using a black sluggo had a solid take that resulted in another bass of 8lb6oz, a couple of pictures and back she went. I was hardly moving the sluggo in fact it was drifting slowly along in the current. I still cant believe it...... what a season I waited years to get a 8lber and then catch two. This one was much fatter and shorter than the other 8lber.


A couple of weeks later I was night fishing and could see movement on the surface, tried allsorts, put on a RA pop and had a light take that resulted in a violent surface slash with strong pulls. I thought it was another big bass and it really didn't want to come in. When I did eventually get it on the shore it turned out to be a thick lipped mullet of 5lb8oz, a fantastic sight and welcome surprise. I’ve not had many mullet but that was a personal best.

That was 2011 and I am looking forward to this year. I will let you know if I manage a gilthead.

Good luck to you for this season and I hope you had a good 2011.

Thanks again for your advice on the RA Pop.

Many thanks, Steve.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Soft and Fluffy - At Hooked Live

Soft and Fluffy - Why do bass choose to eat strange things?

I will be making a short presentation at the Hooked Live show on Saturday morning March the 10th. Thanks to Mark I can squeeze in some time and discuss with you some of the experiences I have had over the years with both soft baits and saltwater flies whilst bass fishing.

This is not a 'how to' presentation but rather a reflection on the techniques, both the similarities and differences, the circumstances and the opportunities that present themselves in bass fishing for the angler in Ireland today.

Maybe I will see you there.

New Website

The beginning AND the end…

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