Wednesday 27 February 2013

A river of silver at sea

Working hard, everyday…

Never notice how the time slips away

People come…seasons go…

But we got something that will never grow old

Neil Young – Silver and Gold

Landing Gear

Rods – TFO Ticrx #7, G-Loomis GLX CC #7

Lines – Rio Outbounds, Guideline Coastal slow inters #7’s

Leaders – Airflo saltwater 10’-0” clear intermediate – Rio fluoroflex +

Flies – Lavender flatwings 2”- size 1’s

Friday 22 February 2013

Direct foreign investment

Exporting the best of C+R bass angling from Co.WBass fishing wexfordexford




Saltwater Fly & Lure techniques

Enjoy the series of filmed shorts made for on the links below

The Wolf of Wexford I

The Wolf of Wexford II

The Wolf of Wexford III

The Wolf of Wexford IV

Made over five days during the difficult season of 2013 with Holger, Holger and Markus. A nice experience working with down to earth capable anglers who seemed really to enjoy the opportunity to simply be out there and doing it.

For me I felt the pressure knowing what a difficult season it had been and hoping that the systems might perform just to show case a little of the Irish saltwater sport fishing perspective and potential.

The harder you work the luckier you get I hear!

Thursday 14 February 2013

Weekend workshops– Guided Fly fishing & Fly tying

Bass fishing wexford

Spring is fast approaching. With the days getting longer and grey cold January and February slowly being left behind its time to start thinking about getting out there!

Within the next thirty days or so mullet and sea trout will become more accessible to us, and indeed in some locations in Ireland we are already having some success, provided the weather stays kind of course. Of course we are holding our breaths for the return of our spiky friends too.

Brian and I will run combined and blended tying/fishing/guided weekend workshops over the weekends after March 17th up to and including May. There are several options within the workshops, ranging from a one day stop to a three-day adventure!

Workshops are limited to two people only per workshop.Bass fishing wexford

Learn to tie the following flies for your seatrout, mullet and early Spring bass fishing

  • Dead drift shrimp
  • Mini clouser minnow
  • Flatwing fry
  • Mini flatwing
  • BF herring fry
  • Deceivers


And then enjoy being guided to some great locations to fish with your own creations.

I will be posting more details for your available options later this week here on Probassfisher

Sea trout fishing wexford

Sea trout fishing wexford


Sunday 10 February 2013

Spring starter set – saltwater fly

Bass fishing flies

In the beginning there is no doubt that thrashing flies is a distinct possibility – this spring pack of ten comes to you at a very accessible price – practice and fish with these and then when your ready, move up!

Pack contains

  • 4 Deceivers (not shown) – # 1 various colours
  • 2 Clouser minnows – # 1/0 , 1
  • 2 Polar minnows lavender grey white - #1/0 , 1
  • 1 Polar minnow chartreuse – # 1
  • 1 Polar minnow lavender grey white – #1/0

Special offer February  €21.00 at the bass fliescoastal fly shop HERE

Fish these flies up, drifted, retrieved or down – easy to cast and very durable too, they are ideal to get started with.

suitable for lines from #6

Saturday 9 February 2013

Musky championships 2013

The 2013 Musky Fly Fishing World Championship, Presented by Towee Boats, will be held October 25,26 and 27 at Treeland’s Resort on the famed Chippewa Flowage near Hayward, Wisconsin. This year’s expanded schedule will feature three days of fishing on some of the world’s finest musky waters along with events each evening, new gear presentations, fly tying, Primo Tail’s Musky Ball and special guest angler Kelly Galloup. Proceeds from the event will benefit Wounded Warriors in Action, The Jose Wejebe Foundation / Make A Wish and musky conservation efforts.

The 2012 Musky Fly Fishing World Championship, held near Rock Island, Tennessee, drew anglers from thirteen states and Canada and this year’s field is expected to be even bigger. Angler registration will open on Friday, February 15th. The event website will be updated with 2013 rules, schedules, fees and information on that date. For more information and rules visit

This one day catch and release tournament will feature fishing on the Caney Fork and Collins Rivers near McMinnville, Tennessee with proceeds going to Musky conservation efforts. While this is a competitive event, organizers point out that the focus will be on fishing, food and fellowship among a group of great anglers.


Sea trout lure fishing








John went lure fishing for sea trout today

Landing Gear

  • Rod: SMITH – Troutin Spin – Interboron
  • Reel: Daiwa Fuega 2500
  • Line: Power pro 4kgs
  • Leader: Grand Max Riverge
  • Lure: Megabass Vision 95
  • Result: Happiness!

Thank you so much for the rod I'm really impressed with its performance and the way it handled that Sea trout today. It's a beaut of a rod and really put out the sub 10g lures further than i expected. – John

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Some reflections -

‘I really enjoyed that email on your presentation Jim, and I'm glad you gave "our" Jean a look in as well. I had a great chat also with Will and Brian, they are genuine guys and I'd say great company to be with when fishing. Your stall was by far the most enjoyable. Keep the flag flying Jimbo’


‘Thanks Jim. I suspect I'm going to find that presentation very helpful this year - particularly for my confidence and the way I fish’



It was a real pleasure to meet you together with my old friend Jim Hendrick at Sunday’s exhibition.

I’m just touching base with you to confirm my orders (when you have chance) for the flies we discussed.

Included were:

· The ‘dead drift’ sea trout flies that I intend to use for shallow water bonefish

· The ‘eel flies that I intend to use for pike (and cuda!)

· The dead bait ‘flutter flies’ (I don’t know what to call them – for pike)

· The bonnet poppers for pike

It was great to meet you and it will be great (I know already) using your flies.

I look forward to hearing from you!


‘I think you are too hard on yourself  Jim, the seminar was great. Fair play to kicking those lads out at the start, they were wrecking our heads. I took a lot out of what you said, I particularly like the “Fish like its your last time”. That’s really how we approach Kerry. We get there twice a year And we look forward to it so much we don’t waste any time.

Also the number of times I have said “Ok concentrate, there are fish out there and Expect to catch one” – I wont say I always do but it definitely works. I try to imagine that on every cast the lure could be smashed. Then there is that psych moment. You could be fishing for 30 mins, in a daze, not really concentrating, then for some reason you switch on like something is about to happen.

Coincidence or not I don’t know, probably more like what you say, you concentrate on the lure and your surroundings and usually things happen quickly after.

But tnks again Jim, always a pleasure’


‘Jim I took six of those nine things home with me – I needed to know where I was going with my fishing thanks for helping on Saturday’


‘I would never have thought of NOT fishing Jim – I like the Zen approach –  a bit like ‘The art of war’


‘Still putting bass fishing to the front Jim, it was reflected by the numbers willing to listen to you speak - its great to see a saltwater species being promoted properly, by the way when is the book coming out and when are doing your sportfishing weekend?’


Monday 4 February 2013

Nine steps to better bass fishing from Hooked 2013

If you open the presentation above by pressing Open in a new window button (bottom right) and then start the slide show then more detail is available.

I know the full extent of what I had to say wont come across but basically we are going through a tough period of bass fishing here in the south east. When its tough like this and oftentimes when its ‘normal’ there are some things that will always come to the fore in relation to your success – these are some of those things that I’ve experienced. From the bullshit influence of bass tackle hype and portrayal of unrealistic expectations to being in tune with the weather - they all impact on us and ultimately on our fishing in some way.

In this time of uncertainty it is my belief we need to be conservationists rather than competitors.

Thanks for stopping by at the weekend - Jim

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The beginning AND the end…

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