Wednesday 6 February 2013

Some reflections -

‘I really enjoyed that email on your presentation Jim, and I'm glad you gave "our" Jean a look in as well. I had a great chat also with Will and Brian, they are genuine guys and I'd say great company to be with when fishing. Your stall was by far the most enjoyable. Keep the flag flying Jimbo’


‘Thanks Jim. I suspect I'm going to find that presentation very helpful this year - particularly for my confidence and the way I fish’



It was a real pleasure to meet you together with my old friend Jim Hendrick at Sunday’s exhibition.

I’m just touching base with you to confirm my orders (when you have chance) for the flies we discussed.

Included were:

· The ‘dead drift’ sea trout flies that I intend to use for shallow water bonefish

· The ‘eel flies that I intend to use for pike (and cuda!)

· The dead bait ‘flutter flies’ (I don’t know what to call them – for pike)

· The bonnet poppers for pike

It was great to meet you and it will be great (I know already) using your flies.

I look forward to hearing from you!


‘I think you are too hard on yourself  Jim, the seminar was great. Fair play to kicking those lads out at the start, they were wrecking our heads. I took a lot out of what you said, I particularly like the “Fish like its your last time”. That’s really how we approach Kerry. We get there twice a year And we look forward to it so much we don’t waste any time.

Also the number of times I have said “Ok concentrate, there are fish out there and Expect to catch one” – I wont say I always do but it definitely works. I try to imagine that on every cast the lure could be smashed. Then there is that psych moment. You could be fishing for 30 mins, in a daze, not really concentrating, then for some reason you switch on like something is about to happen.

Coincidence or not I don’t know, probably more like what you say, you concentrate on the lure and your surroundings and usually things happen quickly after.

But tnks again Jim, always a pleasure’


‘Jim I took six of those nine things home with me – I needed to know where I was going with my fishing thanks for helping on Saturday’


‘I would never have thought of NOT fishing Jim – I like the Zen approach –  a bit like ‘The art of war’


‘Still putting bass fishing to the front Jim, it was reflected by the numbers willing to listen to you speak - its great to see a saltwater species being promoted properly, by the way when is the book coming out and when are doing your sportfishing weekend?’


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