Friday 24 October 2014

David Miller Art

Bass, Mackerel & Sand-eels.jpg

David is pleased to report he has  been shortlisted by Artists And Illustrators Magazine for their annual 'Artist of the Year' award (to be held at the Mall Galleries in January 2015) with his painting 'Bass, Mackerel & Sand-eels'. He would really appreciate it if you could spend 5 minutes to vote for this piece (if you like it of course!). You can find the link here: less

Sunday 19 October 2014


Bass fishing IrelandBass fishing IrelandBass fishing in IrelandBass fishing in IrelandBass fishing in Ireland

Probassfisher has served its purpose for me over the past seven years, its now slowly coming to an end in its current form. Looking back over those seven years and the content contained here I feel some of it is good and some of it not so good, but it is what it is at this time and I’m happy to leave it here.

I wont be posting to this site from here on and my guiding and workshop services have also changed completely, in fact so too have many aspects of both my working life and my bass fishing. If by chance you want to see what I am doing with my fishing I will be available on any of the social media platforms listed above.

My main interests now lie in working slowly on THIRTYARDS over the next few years whilst developing some aspects of social media to support my visual interpretation of the unique Irish coastline. This will happen as I personally fish and sometimes work on angling projects.

I will continue to guide for bass and seatrout fishing but only in a very limited fashion and mostly with fly fishing in mind. This decision has not been easy, but at this time there are simply too many reasons and aspects that currently exist in Irish bass fishing that make the change one that I am very happy to have made.

Thanks for stopping by here on the odd occasion and perhaps we’ll meet someday, who knows, it could be in the right place at the right time!

Regards – Jim

Thursday 16 October 2014

The obsession continues…

Available November from Umpqua 2014

JEST by Anne Hendrick will open at Talbot Gallery and Studios on Thursday 16th October 18.00-20.00, 2014 and runs until Saturday 8th November 2014.

Much of the inspiration for the work in Jest comes from filmic sources and iconic American imagery. This use of dramatic colour to enhance the viewer’s experience of the work is both a coy nod to melodrama and a deliberate manipulation of the visual context of a body of work.

Anne Hendrick (b.1983, Wexford) has a BFA in Painting and History of Art from NCAD where she graduated in 2006. Since graduating, Anne has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland as well as the UK, Iceland and Barcelona. She is a co-founder of the artist collective Scissors Cuts Paper who began working collaboratively in 2005. In 2012 she completed an artists’ residency programme with The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavik. In July she hosted a solo exhibition Being Without Finish with the Wexford Arts Centre.

She will exhibit here again with Aileen Murphy and Emma Roche in the three-person exhibition Patient Staring curated by Paul Doran opening on October 18th at 16.00-18.00.

Anne works primarily in the medium of painting; she is also currently working with video and installation.

This is Hendrick's seventh solo show and will be her third at the Talbot Gallery. She has been an artist in residence at the Talbot Gallery Studios since 2008.

What it really means -

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Sport fisherman

Author Ernest Hemingway wrote <em>Old Man and the Sea</em> about deep sea fishing off the coast of Cuba.

One of the earliest and most prolific sport fishermen in the Florida Straits, Hemingway may inadvertently have created an unparalleled scientific resource as he prowled some of the world's richest fishing grounds.

Hemingway assembled thousands of books, photographs and journals, many of which deteriorated over decades of exposure to Cuba's baking heat and high humidity, and the longstanding neglect of the estate known as Finca Vigia. The logs are now kept by Cuba's National Cultural Heritage Council which, in order to protect the fragile documents, only allows conservators to handle them.

Fishing logs typically contain details of the numbers of fish caught, the location of the catch and weight of the fish. Hemingway's obsessive record-keeping, combined with the thousands of hours he spent on the water, have researchers hoping his logs could provide essential details about deep-sea fish populations over the last 75 years in the Straits.

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Sunday 12 October 2014

Adaptation, flexibility and knowledge in bass guiding services

Bass fishing Ireland
I woke this morning early and lay awake remembering and thinking about the fishing we had last week.
There were days during the week when not only was the fishing beyond belief but so too the circumstances and the environment. I left Dublin airport last Saturday morning, the 4th of October, with David and Julien as the crew, I had devised a plan that saw me guiding the guys around and through the weather all along the Atlantic coast.
We would not be stationery for any long period of time unless things proved otherwise
Within one hour of our arrival at Cork we were hitting fish, we stayed at Bella Vista in Cobh on Saturday evening and tried on Sunday morning before we began our western escapades – Sunday morning proved to be a damp squib!
Throughout the week, each day during the early evening, I made my regular phone call home and of course the weather proved to be a major part of that conversation. Wexford and the south east was being hammered by heavy rain and thunder storms on a daily basis. We had avoided this by being flexible, adaptable and by my having several alternative options open to us along the coast.
These options are not only knowledgeable angling solutions but also timing solutions, flexible accommodation solutions, food and drink and quality of fishing environments, transport and others. All these things need to add up to provide a quality experience that also doesn’t create a sense of ‘chasing’ the fish. I have achieved this through weeks and indeed years of hard ground work both fishing and researching over long periods of trial and error. At this time I have created a ‘network’ that provides me with a continuously evolving customer experience that fits the variable demands of the bass fishing environment.
This type of knowledge and experience doesn’t come easy nor is it given to you second-hand, its earned the hard way as a bass fishing guide through months and years of personal investment and effort. I guess that’s why I believe that bass angling information, determined through personal investment, places both a different sense of responsibility and ‘value’ on that information in comparison to say if it were simply volunteered to you. This is what makes you different as a guide, this depth is what is reflected through your services and how you go about your business.
Neither my customers nor I are  ‘condemned’ to only one option should it prove blown out. We go..we find the fish!
In a week where Julien LaJournade broke his personal best bass from the shore with a double and then two days later beat that double again by at least a kilo! In a week where we caught and landed all fish 'drop and drifting' on sub surface stickbaits and surface lures or flies, in a week where we never had to resort to lifting any jigheaded plastics, in a week where we were regularly stunned into silence by the beauty of the places we found ourselves, in a week where I lost count of fish and cared less about size, in a week it was a week of a lifetime.
This morning I’m waking from a dream, slowly!

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The beginning AND the end…

Forwarded to - The Irish Bass Policy Group (David McInerny, John Quinlan, Shane O Reilly, Mike Hennessy, Dr William Roche, Dr Nial O'Ma...