Monday 4 February 2013

Nine steps to better bass fishing from Hooked 2013

If you open the presentation above by pressing Open in a new window button (bottom right) and then start the slide show then more detail is available.

I know the full extent of what I had to say wont come across but basically we are going through a tough period of bass fishing here in the south east. When its tough like this and oftentimes when its ‘normal’ there are some things that will always come to the fore in relation to your success – these are some of those things that I’ve experienced. From the bullshit influence of bass tackle hype and portrayal of unrealistic expectations to being in tune with the weather - they all impact on us and ultimately on our fishing in some way.

In this time of uncertainty it is my belief we need to be conservationists rather than competitors.

Thanks for stopping by at the weekend - Jim

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