Thursday 11 September 2008

A fishing report

There are a number of things going on in this REPORT - probably working on levels that can only be discovered over time and a re-read or two -

I can’t say thank you enough (to all of you) for what is a glowing example of what I am trying to achieve through SEAi, this report alone represents to me what the Bass fishery in Ireland is about.

Having fun, catching sporting fish on new and challenging methods, staying safe, camaraderie, memories, all done in a perfectly sustainable environment.

I worked hard those three days - no harder than normal mind you - I felt I needed to get the message across to somebody to demonstrate that SEAI is not just an 'aspiration, a bring somebody fishing type set-up’. It is a proper angling guiding service that has operated around the bass fishery in this country for six years now.

Whilst this post maybe written around SEAi - it’s really much more than that. Here in Ireland we have a bass fishery to rival any in Europe or indeed the world. However we as anglers seem to pay scant attention to the protection, exploitation, development and the conservation of the species.

Its time, as IRISH sea anglers, to start thinking constructively and positively about the future. To think about and act about this resource and those that need protection, resources that have the potential for continued development on one hand and exploitation on the other.

Rather than ignoring the in-action, rather than ignoring the inability or lack of will to prosecute illegal offenders, (this only empowers them to continue), rather than listening to and following blindly the rapidly emerging experts - you must realise as Irish Sea anglers that this fishery is here and needs your support. Nobody else can do it!

It’s down to you to drive and change the in-action, to ask questions about protection, to do something and realise the value of what we have - the potential, the expertise, the challenges, and to acknowledge these things and do more, for ourselves and by ourselves, for a change and indeed, the future of bass angling in this country.

Thank you Pat, Andy and Gerry.

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