Wednesday 24 September 2008

Conditions South East - Week 40

We are certainly enjoying a great spell of weather at the moment - lots of sunshine, warm days and cool nights. From a Wexford bass fishing point of view, winds have been predominantly easterly or north easterly which is not neccessarily good.

The sea is laid 'flat' and calm and the air feels 'bright' and hard at sea. This often pushes fish off or into deeper feeding patterns - often the better fishing is to be had late at night. Especially over the last few neap tides.

Water clarity is excellent and should remain so over the next few days.

There is a chance that the wind will turn and blow south westerly or westerly over the weekend. This is good news as it will put 'activity' back into the water! This is a rather rapid change over from east to to south westerly so there may be a lag in the return or onset of good fishing. But it will come back and water clarity wont deteriorate too quickly.
Opportunities exist on early morning tides next week for suitable falling tide venues or 'exiting' fish. Evening tides correspond nicely with falling light levels - the phase of the moon is good too. I'm prepared and slightly anticipate a good week for fishing. I will be spending the next 10 days in the company of three french men - we will be fly fishing for pike, salmon, brown trout and of course my favourite BASS.
I will also be delivering the last Bass Fishing School of the season!
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