Monday, 8 September 2008

Fishing Report - Sept 01 to Sept 07 - Jim Hendrick

The sea bass team of Patrick, Philipe and Gerard had lined themselves up with the first week of Septembers good tide. You can see some of the photos of the week below - conditions remained very variable and as a consequence fishing was very difficult at times.

Highlight of the week was Patricks excellent fish of 5.65kgs on the evening of the first day. With the large amount of runoff and onshore breezes the search for clear water continued on a day by day basis - Thursdays rapidly descending barometric saw us stopped in our tracks.

With perservereance and hard work all three guys managed fished each day even on Friday and saturday which im sure you will remember as been particualrly inclement!

Landing Gear

Reels - Daiwa Certate, Daiwa Exist, Shimano Stella

Rods- Illex, Zenaq, Tenryu, Smith and the Daiwa BASS Certate 902ms

Lines- Powerpro

Lures and Techniques

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