Saturday 9 February 2008

Redington Super Sport Series - now available at SEAi

Our newest performance rod here at SEAi . Featuring the newest Redington technology.The SS Super Sport is an ultra light and ultra sensitive 4-piece performance rod that offers smooth casting, superb lifting power and balance with minimum weight. The blank is made with Redington™ Red.Core construction, which incorporates 85-million modulus Toray Japanese graphite, high-density resin coating and a layer of tape wound graphite, creating a super strong, super light blank. The series is completed with titanium trimmings and high-end appointments.

Aluminum reel seat with graphite insert
The finest grade cork grip available
Titanium snake guides and titanium oxide stripping guides
Alignment dots with rod length and weight indication on each section
Comes complete with a unique blue woven graphite tube that features a laser engraved cap

What Fly Fisherman Magazine said about the Super Sport

WHEN WE HEARD THAT Redington’s new SS Super
Sport series was made with 85-million modulus
graphite - a material we’ve been told is too stiff and
brittle for fly rods - we thought maybe there was just
a little bit of the unusually light graphite composite
in the butt section. But according to Redington Sales
Manager Mark Andresen, more than 75 percent of the
rod is made up of 85-million modulus graphite - from
the butt all the way up past the third section and into
the tip. How do they keep the light but brittle material
from breaking? According to Andresen, the secret is the
inner core that is made from a 3/32” strip of low-modulus
graphite wound in a spiral around the rod mandrel like
the stripes on a candy cane. The 85-million modulus
graphite material is then wrapped on the outside in the
traditional manner, with the fibers running lengthwise
from the butt to the tip.
Without this tape-wound inner core, Andresen says
the 85-million modulus graphite would likely break
under the strain of a large fish, but the combination of
the core and outer fibers creates a light, fast-action rod
with exceptional strength. The midnight blue rod has
silver wraps, Pac Bay TiOx blue striping guides, and
titanium snake guides. There are seven 4-piece models,
3- through 9-weight, plus a saltwater 6-weight.
- FFM Staff

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