Tuesday 17 June 2008

Fishing Reports - Ger Potter

Scierra XDA #8/9
Vision GT4 #9
Rio Outbound intermediate
Custom leader - Rio Hard alloy mono - and flouroflex 35 lbs > 15lbs
Hand built half and half (olive/white) size 2/0
Mangrove hip shooter line tray

Ger Potter from Drumcondra is attending a two day SWFF workshop at SEAi - after some casting tuition this morning we went fishing in very strong south westerly winds - looks like the practice casting paid off as Ger landed his first bass on the fly!

Ger also ties his own flies and this excellent example of a half and half proved ideal in the rough seas today. A great achievement under any circumstances.
I will put the step by step guides to the fly and more pics in the gallery later this week http://www.swsfd.fotopic.net/

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