Wednesday 23 July 2008

Fishing Report July 25 - George and Marc

Marc and George arrived from Ballina on Sunday for some bassfishing. Marc spends his winters in Paris and his summers at Ballina. George doesnt do anything as exotic as that, but gets a head start on the spring salmon!

We've had a reasonably good few days even if at times it is tougher than i expected. Numbers of fish whilst good are down a little, but we have had fish every day on both tides. There are lots of net marked fish in many of the systems and the usual poaching activity and its core exponents remain highly visible. There is no intervention by any of the authorities except that placed on anglers.

Spirits are high as we reach mid week and the fun is great - Marc missed what I would consider to be a VERY big fish on monday - we intend to re-introduce ourselves before Saturday. Various
lures and techniques have worked well all week -

Landing Gear

Lures – Sammies, spooks, and others
Colour – Brown, grey and brown, black
Rods - Smith Blowshots
Reels - Shimano stella
Line - Powerpro - 8 kgs
Tippett - Rio flouroflex

No particular lure seems to want to stand out this summer so far with most types working well - at the moment I have a slight inclination towards the spook!

Conditions over the week varied from bright sunshine to heavy and muggy overcast days. We were managing on average 9 fish per day which is below my expectations given the almost ideal weather and tides.
Thursday proved the most fruitful with the sharp easterly putting some action into the sea and generating some nice little waves providing oxygen.

We will fly fish today and saturday for more bass!

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