Friday 15 August 2008

Fishing Report - August 15 - Jim Hendrick

I had a nice short session on the fly this morning taking four - best to about 4,5lbs all on a chartreuse and white deceiver stripped at speed.

Landing gear

Redington CPS #7
Danielsson LW 6/9
Vision extreme distance #7 intermediate
Fly - Oceanflies white and chartreuse deceiver

I was also introduced to a new technique by Andrew - a spinning reel on a fly rod - Luying I believe its called. I was a witness to Andrew catching two fish using this method - good fun!

The two guys below (bottom) were fishing with Kiltys and had several fish too - Take a closer look at the photo just to the right of the guy in red at the level of the top of his head - see the BIG fish jumping!!!!! click on the foto to see bigger version

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