Tuesday 17 February 2009

Bass fly fishing Ireland - P12 - Influences Tidal Flow

Tidal flow and fish position relations

There is a significant relationship between tidal flow or states and the positions that fish take up during that flow. Not only do they take up different positions but they do so at different times in different locations often within very localised areas.

This is especially true for bass and learning these relationships is one of the major keys to success for the fly and lure angler. One of the first of these tidal influences that the bass fisherman learns is that fom the shore neap tides are often not as productive as spring tides - simple. You can follow that with something like full moon tides are not as productive as new moon tides, equally as simple, and reducing tides over a moon are often better for bigger fish. Before you synchronise your watch and go fishing to the latest fashionable tables rest assured you dont need to now much more than the above. What can bring you much more success than any 'galactical optimisation software' is learning and understanding fish behaviour in the phases of a tide over a location within any lunar cycle. In the diagram above we are at a hypothetical rocky point at low tide. Water is indicated blue, sand yellow and rocks are a darker colour
To your left the diagram indicates the same location much later in the cycle of tidal development. Tidal streams are in full flow and currents, eddies and back washes are all in action. Fish are to be caught here too.

Below is the tidal data for Rosslare during July 2009. Spring and neap tides are indicated and the early spring tide is clearly visible as been somewhat less active than the later spring tide of the month. The locations indicated in this example will fish differenty on each day over the spring tide cycle and indeed differently within the same month.
The diagram of the full tidal flow above would look similar on both spring tides but in fact the water flow, strength and volume would be completely different.

Reading the previous posts HERE regarding tidal flows could help you determine when to fish your favourite location. With the third and fourth hours of any tide coinciding with maximum activity, bear in mind each location has its own patterns and its own reasons for fish to be in its vicinity. Food, shelter, breeding, resting some locations provide them all others just one or two. If you would like to discuss these or any of the other similar posts below or indeed the many other aspects of bass fishing in detail then why not try one of my courses - HERE or HERE or maybe even try a one day guided fishing trip.

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