Thursday, 11 June 2009

Italian Video Opportunity with Angelo Piller - Fly Fishing for Bass in Wexford

I'm really looking forward to the 19th of June - Angelo contacted me recently about the possibility of filming fly fishing for bass in Wexford - we will work together for seven days in Wexfords many different locations. These are his words..... planning a holiday with my girlfriend, probably June. I was thinking to bring her in a warm place (where obviously I can fish), but your website is so good, I can try to convince her to try Ireland. Consider that I live in the italian dolomites, where it's warm only in summer.

I have recenly started a new activity, a kind of Flyfishing Moviemagazine:
Next monday I'll send you one copy.

In Italy interest for sea bass has recently started, and it would be great if I could make a short film about you and seabass fly fishing. How are the there a possibilty to film the capture of three or four sea bass?

I am responsable for the magazine section of Pipam: which is the nr.1 italian webpage in Italy with almost 5000 subscribers, I am interested in writing an article about this experience too.

I can only hope the weather holds up, its a real opportunity to demonstrate the techniques, flies and the wonderful venues and fishing challenges that the south east offers to the saltwater fly fisherman.

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