Monday 20 July 2009

The Warmest of Wexford Welcomes!

I was working with two French customers today. We went fishing to a local spot this morning at around 09:00 and fished the drop and anticipated the rise in the afternoon. We chose a 'hot spot', one of many in the local and decided to concentrate our fishing there during mid afternoon.

Twenty minutes into our fishing another angler arrived in the area, walked up to where one of the guys I was fishing with (within two feet) and cast straight over him. No hellos, questions, any fish, hows the weather, nothing. He caught my customers line and lure, and I asked him what he was doing? The french fisherman cast again and the guy cast over him and fouled the line - AGAIN - I asked him what the hell?

He said 'Yoose have the whole bay to fish in, this is where I'm fishin'! Several pleasantries were then exchanged, I decided to move.

In a country where tourism might prove to be one of its small saving graces - I guess ignorance is still in abundance. Not that I expect any privileges for visitors but fair is fair when you have a whole system to fish in!

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