Wednesday 4 November 2009

Forecasting the weather - November - 3

I came across a little book recently - Signpost to the weather by D&K Barlett. First published in 1949, I have extracted their forecasts for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy their weather theories over the next few months -

The Month of November according to D&K Barlett with BASS indications by Jim Hendrick

There can be a good deal of changeable, rainy weather during this month.
However, short odd periods of calm weather can also occur, with sunshine, although nights are often chilly and frost, accompanied by fog near coasts and inland towns.

The sea still retains its warmth but the land surfaces are definitely cooler, and this helps towards the changeability of the weather.

The days are shorter so there is less sunshine, and the cool but often clear, nights are longer. Gales are possible particularly near the end of the first week and during the last week of November, but overall it can be a fairy calm month. The temperatures continue to fall faster than at any other time of year.

The weeks of November

1st to 7thThe latter part of this week is unsettled, with rain, but extremes of calm mild days and frosty nights can occur with some fog.
8th to 15thThe days continue to become colder. The first effects of the coming winter can now be felt with frequency of wind and heavy rain increasing.
16th to 23rdUsually a fair to changeable period followed by unsettled and rainy conditions.
24th to 31st - During this week the weather becomes more unsettled, rainy weather and strong winds at times but often milder.

Bass Fishing - One of the best months of the year for bigger fish on the fly if you can take a short weather window of opportunity. Tough for any travelling angler unless settled.

Rating 3/5

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