Wednesday 13 January 2010

Forecasting the Weather - January - 5

I came across a little book recently - Signpost to the weather by D&K Barlett. First published in 1949, I have extracted their forecasts for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy their weather theories over the next few months –

The Month of January according to D&K Barlett with BASS indications by Jim Hendrick.

There can be a good deal of rain with wind and gales in any part of the month, but mostly at the beginning and end of it, with south westerly wind directions affect most of the country.

During cold spells and high pressure conditions, freezing fog occurs. Often there is heavy snowfall, especially in the North , the east and the midlands. The mildest areas are in the south west of the country. Generally a chilly month, especially in the midlands and along the east coasts.
Sometimes before the south westerly rainy weather occurs after a cold spell there are odd days when temperatures will rise to 9 or 10 degrees. This however is a rare occurrence.

1st to 7th – Often a mild period, with a great deal of rain which causes floods..
8th to 15th – The coldest period usually occurs in this week
16th to 23rd – The weather continues cold with the lowest temperatures of the month
24th to 31st – There is usually a thaw with unsettled rainy weather

Bass Fishing - It is extremely difficult to catch bass after mid to late Jan and this will be true until April or May, of course there may be some opportunities but generally very few - water temperatures continue to fall and light levels are still very low - fish are primed and will spawn once conditions are right over the next few months.

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