Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bass Fishing Influences - Tides Part I

Tides and the weather

Weather conditions have a significant impact on both tides in general and on how they flow and move. This of course will influence your fishing decisions and indeed the fish. Sea level will tend to rise or increase in the direction that the wind is blowing, and hence lowered in the direction from which the wind has come. Sea water can be 'pushed'. The stronger the wind, the longer it blows and provided it blows in a pretty constant direction the greater this 'push' can be. A changing or constant wind direction can create a degree of confusion as regards tidal height predictions and their interpretations.

Tidal heights are predicted using an average barometric pressure status - 1013. When the barometric is rising or higher than normal, tides will tend to be lower than predicted. Similarly when pressure is low or dropping tidal heights will be greater than that predicted. A change in barometric pressure of 35 milibars will cause a subsequent change of 1 foot or 0.3 metres in tidal levels. This is not an immediate change but rather happens over a period of time.

So bearing in mind the following
  1. Wind direction
  2. Wind strength
  3. Wind direction 'longevity'
  4. Atmospheric pressure -
  5. Atmospheric pressure activity - +/-
  6. Spring or neap tide and phase
  7. Wave type and direction

All of these factors will greatly influence your fishing and indeed the fish. Just because your tables say 2.2m at 16:10 doesnt neccessarily apply to the real world. Remember fish can't read tables........only influences.

A word of caution - dropping atmospheric pressure combined with strong breezes and Spring tides can make for dangerous fishing situations.

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