Friday 16 April 2010

Saltwater Lure Fishing - Part 13 of 21 My Spring setup

Since my posting about my basic set up for bass fly fishing in Wexford -What do I bring and what do I fish with? I have had lots of questions regarding my Lure fishing set up.
So in answer to your queries the following is a list of my basic personal Lure Fishing Bass Setup - Please click on the links for more details and diagrams/animations/help -

If all of this is new to you why not consider attending a dedicated Lure Fishing Workshop at SEAi – workshops are run on an individual basis on request

The Basics

The Reel – Shimano Twin Power 3500
The Rods – From SMITH

BS-90RS 9' 650mm 820lb 1040g 245g 2 pieces – 141cm

BS-86SPL 8'6" 500mm 616lb 415g 173g 2 pieces – 134cm

The Line – Power pro 9kgs and 5kgs – with Rio Fluoroflex tippet

The Detail

I have pre-loaded 20 lbs BS Dacron fly fishing backing on both spools of the Shimano as I only carry 135 metres of braid (both spools loaded with different BS)
Bimini twist on the line end of the backing with a doubled over closing knot to provide double loops
Mainline powerpro braid tied to the backing using an Allbright knot to the double loops of the bimini

14lbs Fluoroflex is tied at the end of the mainline braid using a Reverse Allbright Knot

The leader BS and mainline BS depends on the rod / lure/ presentation I am making to the fish

I will place a rapala knot at the end of a one meter (varies) leader of Fluoroflex to attach to my lure

My go-to hard lure on a typical Spring day (depending on water clarity) would be a Lucky Craft pointer 78SP - view in full screen mode for best effect

I will fish with the BS-86 at this time of year (spring) with small soft lures and smaller sub-surface or surface lures and change up to the BS-90 only when necessary

The Gear

One small Fishpond waist Pack containing ALL of the following
Two small lure boxes one containing surface lures the other containing sub surface lures
One small lure box containing soft lures and various jig heads
One Fishpond nippers
One Stream works forceps
Spare tippet material
One spare spool loaded with alternate braided line
One pair of Sunglasses – Tan or yellow - NEVER leave without them
Small tube of sun factor
One waterproof camera

All the above available at

Under / Wader Wear
all the following are breathable

Hellyhansen base layer - warm for this time of year
Patagonia insulator pants (maybe) Redington Fleece Vision Ikon Waders and Jacket – Vision boots (felt/stud)

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