Tuesday 19 April 2011

Not catching - valuable information

I spent Sunday afternoon, early Monday morning and the rise of the tide just after lunch yesterday flyfishing for bass with no success. This was not a real surprise to me given the conditions that we are experiencing and the fact that I was on new ground way south using a difficult method.

The photographs below were some of the hundred or so that I made, and the time spent at working and walking through various stages of the tide now provides me with an endless amount of water and terrain information about the locations. This will help me no end especially when I return to these places when the conditions are more favourable.

I found drop offs, focused current, gulleys, and steps - all key places that I know will hold fish in the future. I know how water runs in and out off various sections, how waves break and mix and when, and much more. I'm tired and a bit stiff today, I worked very hard over eighteen hours of fishing with six hours in the car too. Am I disappointed that I caught no fish? Of course I'm not, for isnt 'not catching' a major part of the game?

And look what I came away with - invaluable information that will apply and be re-considered for many years to come.

Exploration tools

Rod : Jensen High Tide #8
Reel : Danielsson LW 6/9, Ross Evolution #8
Lines : Guideline fast inter - Guidleline slow inter - Coastal #8's
Leader: 9'-6" and 11'-0" Rio fluorocarbon hand built tapers

Flies: Mini sloopies, mini hollows, sandeel, shrimp, clousers,

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