Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bass fishing Wexford -

Martin Allison – Scotland, kicked off his four day stay this morning. We decided to go soft as Martin hasn’t had much exposure to the techniques and methods used.

The pin tail is a soft jerk from Illex with a ringed section over the last 2 cm of the body then finished with a short needle which vibrates at the slightest stimulus. This is the perfect model for weightless or drop shot fishing and is best worked slowly through weed beds or on a light jig head in clear water or when the fishing is particularly difficult.


I rigged the pintail on a Texas jig head. This head gives you all the advantages of a Texas style rig combined with all the presentations of a jig head.

The triangular shaped head gives you two key advantages:

1) Stability and excellent presentation of the bait on the bottom

2) It helps with a swimming jig action on the retrieve.

The Texan hook benefits from the patented “Aeropoint” system and is made from strong wire with an extra large gape to guarantee a better hook penetration and hook hold.DSCF1420

Martin took a few moments to get into his stride and after a short warm up we were into fish in pleasant sunshine and broken cloud. We took and missed several fish – all part of the game.

DSCF1421We changed colours and the range of the jig head weight throughout the session and tide moving from 1.8 through the 3.5 and onto 5.5 grammes.

Colour choices were chartreuse tail, blue w/Holo, and pearl white.









Illex soft baits and jig heads are available at Henrys Tackle and SEAi

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