Sunday 28 August 2011

Hours done on the ground – it takes time.

There's no quick fix solution here. No instant information…go here or there and you can catch fish. Only time and effort spent. Hours upon hours of investment, driving to and from, fishing, gear, tying, weather, fish on – fish off, presentations, decisions, decisions, frustration, disappointments, tactics…..on and on it goes.
But coming out the far side, when it happens you have an unfathomable depth of appreciation and understanding, a real sense of the fishing.

This transfers easily to you now having done the work, quietly shared the experiences, taken the hard knocks, the lessons learned. You know what needs to be done to make it work. You measure the depth of the personal investment you have made, and realise the significance of what you have learned, the ‘value’ of such knowledge. This has not been handed to you via a PM or a wall, this has been earned.

And the only reward? What you feel in your heart and soul having spent some time walking there in anticipation and isolation, fishing there and then, when you decide to leave you feel satisfied, content and happy, you relive the experiences on the walk home.

The world in which we fish knows nothing of Facebook or CNN.

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