Tuesday 30 April 2013

A world away, I don’t think so!

Over the last few days the schoolie fishing has turned on across the Southern New England region. Many have been frustrated with the “long” (although some would say closer to normal) transition into spring. In any event the breeze has often been SW lately and the moon tides have put the the bait in gear. Now both recently arrived stripers and bait can be found in the bays and estuaries as one would expect. So all those who have called over the last two weeks and got a cautious response to “Are there any fish around?” will now get ” It’s go time!”. Have fun! Check out this and older reports in the fishing reports section of our blog.

From The Saltwater Edge Newsletter

From a Wexford perspective lets hope the next few days bring back those much sought after SW’s and a run of fish, its getting there!

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