Friday 4 July 2008

Andrew and Philip - aka 'The Nolan Sisters'

Andrew decided to give Philip his brother two days bass fishing and guiding with SEAi for his 40th birthday. This meant they would fish twice on Thursday 04th and once on friday morning. The days were sandwiched between two weather systems and I felt it wasnt going to be easy! Fishing, and working hard they both got the results they deserved in less than ideal conditions. I had great fun as the digs and slagging flew........and the fish were on!

Landing Gear

Rods - Smith Bayliners - 7'-4"
Reel - Shimano stradics and twin powers
Line - Powerpro 8 kgs
Tippett - Rio flouroflex and fluoroflex plus 9 kgs
Lures - Various
Location - The south east

New Website

The beginning AND the end…

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