Thursday, 3 July 2008

Fishing Report July 3 - Andrew & Philip Nolan

I had an early morning session today with the two guys. It was Philips first time using surface lures, Andrew was the expert of the group!

They landed and returned seven fish the best of which ran close to 3 kgs all in VERY shallow water. The simplest of lures, the Rapala skitter walk took all the fish and they refused many others even the so called best. Fished slowly with short walks and long stops. Philip outfished Andrew. Dare I say more as the mornings fun was great! Looking forward to this afternoon.

Thursday Morning
Landing Gear

Lures - Rapala skitter walk - all fish taken on these lures
Colour - White and white and brown
Rods - Smith Bayliners
Reels - Shimano twin powers
Line - Powerpro - 8 kgs
Tippett - Rio flouroflex - 8 kgs


Temperature - 13 degrees
Wind - North/North west 3- 4
Cloud - Heavy cover with lots of rain
Water - cloudy to 20 metres then less so -
Tide - Full at 07:00

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