Tuesday 21 April 2009

Sometimes you forget

You get on with things that are 'related' to fishing on a day to day basis. Site admin, posting, writing articles, e-mails, customer planning and suddenly a week of tides has gone by and its a friday at lunch time and the children are off school for two days and your wife has the weekend off too.

You do normal things, shopping, DIY, the garden, play with the children and go for a picnic or two. You manage to leave the PC off for almost a whole day. Then its monday and the three are gone again and if its sunny the phone starts to ring, and you post some letters and re-arrange and maintain the fishing gear and prepare notes and files for workshops and you go to some meetings and another week goes by. Then you run three workshops in a row and you talk and communicate with people for 24 hours non stop about bass fishing.

You get further and further away from the fishing and then you just stop and go. Today was like that. I stopped working hard at doing nothing that was important and went fishing for four hours - I missed it badly. I may have forgotten but I remembered just at the right time. As I stood and looked over the water that I really hadnt seen properly since last year I heard terns, saw Gannets diving, swallows arriving along the coast, small waves breaking crystal clear, then white under blue skies. And then you catch some fish I ask myself is there a better job?

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