Saturday 11 April 2009

Summer Rainfall 2008

A significant impact on bass fishing in 2008

Rainfall totals were above normal everywhere and were more than twice normal in the east and southeast of the country. Except for a few parts of the west and northwest, each of the summer months was wetter than normal. There were some exceptionally heavy daily falls throughout the season, particularly in the period from late July to mid-August.

This summer’s rainfall was caused by a succession of unstable low-pressure centers moving slowly across the country. The summer weather of 2008, though unusual, was far from unprecedented. Similar summers in the past were those of 1986, 1985 and 1958.

The extreme rainfall experienced during the summer of 2008 cannot be attributed to climate change. The totals recorded fit within the range of natural variability, which is greater that the global warming ‘signal’ at our geographic location.

Rainfall totals were above normal almost everywhere, with around twice the normal June rainfall measured in the south and southeast of the country. Relatively little rain was measured between the 7th and 16th, but some heavy falls were recorded at other times. Many stations recorded their wettest day of the month on the 21st, when a band of heavy rain was followed by widespread thunderstorms; 50mm of rain was measured on this day in some places.

July rainfall totals were near normal in parts of the northwest, but it was an exceptionally wet month over most of Leinster and Munster, where rainfall totals for the month were more than twice the July normal. Heaviest daily falls this month were in the periods 1st to 6th and 28th to 31st. late on the 31st; exceptionally heavy rain caused significant flooding in parts of County Limerick.

August rainfall totals were above normal everywhere, the third successive month of wetter than normal weather. More than twice the normal August totals were recorded in parts of the east, northeast and midlands, while some stations recorded over three times the normal. The number of rain days recorded during the month (days with 0.2mm or more rainfall) was also well above normal; there were between 20 and 30 rain days at stations this month compared with the August average number of between 14 and 19.

A More Detailed report is available from Met Eireann HERE

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