Wednesday 25 November 2009

A return to reality

I have returned from my fishing trip to South Andros in the Bahamas. The words neccessary to describe the experience are within my grasp but it might take some time to shape them into how I want to try and best describe the last 12 days. Has it been the fishing experience of a lifetime? Yes it has. But its been much more than a singular fishing experience - in many ways this fishing trip has changed my life and again I now find myself moving and thinking in other directions.

Over the next few weeks I shall make some postings here of my experiences - from the people I met, the fish that I caught, the things that I have seen and learned - I hope you will enjoy them.
Below is a sequence of photos I made on saturday morning - 14th November. We went Kite fishing for sailfish on a short charter off Fort Lauderdale before we flew to South Andros in the afternoon.

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