Friday 6 November 2009

T minus 7 and counting - destination Andros

The question of gear!!: I think I must have read and re-read so many books and journals and forums regarding what gear to bring to Andros with me that I eventually just stopped. This is what I have finally decided upon. click on the names to link to the products specs

Two #7’s – Redington CPS saltwater
Two #9’s – Redington CPX saltwater
One #9 - Bloke XL50
One #10 - Bloke XL50

Reels -
Two Danielsson L5W 6nine with spare spools
Two Danielsson L5W 8twelve with spare spools
One Orvis battenkill LA Mach IV

Lines - Rio bonefish lines
Rio tropical intermediates
Rio tropical outbounds
Rio deep sea lines

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The beginning AND the end…

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