Sunday 6 December 2009

Forecasting the weather - December - 4

I came across a little book recently - Signpost to the weather by D&K Barlett. First published in 1949, I have extracted their forecasts for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy their weather theories over the next few months -

The Month of December according to D&K Barlett with BASS indications by Jim Hendrick

Although there is a good deal of storm, cloudy and rainy weather, this can be accompanied, despite short days, with a good deal of intermingled sunshine. There are often several gales during this month and northerly winds can bring blizzards and snow fall in Scotland and the North of England.
There are often two short bright fine spells although frost an fog is probable at such times – particularly near the third week. The coldest weather of the winter seldom occurs in this month.

1st to 7th – Generally unsettled rather mixed weather. There are cold and mild days intermingled with rain and wind, and often snow in the North.
8th to 15th – Usually there are fair intervals and sometimes frost and fog, then unsettled weather.
16th to 23rd – Some of the best winter weather with fair days, cold with some frost or fog, often mild during the day with a possibility of a later gale.
24th to 31st – Changeable weather, fair and unsettled with an inreasing risk of gales and heavy rain.

Bass Fishing - some fish can be caught in the weather windows but it becomes increasingly more and more difficult from here right on through to April or May.

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