Thursday, 3 December 2009

Late Autumn Bass Flies - experimental

These are Andys latest ties for me - a late Autumn or early Winter bass fly - tied to imitate coalfish! These flies and much more are available at his website -

More later for fishing techniques and methods!

One of the huge benefits of working with a creative fly tier like Andy is his ability to build and then re-build flies according to specific requirements. Different materials behave differently at different times so its a constant process of fishing trial and error met with exceptional failure or success.
Andy has an intuitive and artistic understanding of material relationhips and behaviour and combined with my specific colour and movement emulation requests he has managed to produce the best bass flies I have fished with. I will continue to work closely with him on this adventure continuously searching for the Wexford Range - such is my confidence combined with hours upon hours of work, that at this stage of my bass fly fishing I will very seldom fish with any other fly other than one we have worked on together!

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