Monday 25 January 2010

FACEBOOK - an attempt !

Good to see you on fb, looking forward to the Spring and hopefully will make it down to you this season. Cheers, Rich.

Hi Jim. I'm Still getting your updates ok, nice to see you on facebook.I had a reasonable end to the boat season. I hope to get started on the shore shortly. How about yourself, when will you get started? If i don't here from you i will make a point of introducing myself if i make it to the I.S.F.C. awards.
Tight lines Ferris.

hi, been been keepin up with your website and plan on a lot more lure fishin this year , mainly around dublin. tried a bit last year with no luck (1 hook up) but must do better this year. maybe someone will buy me a workshop with you for a few days. i live in hope – ken

Hi Jim, Have you started on the bass yet, will be over your way this coming season. hope you have a few on the fly, do a lot over here in Wales on the Gower

Hi and thanks to all whom welcomed me (very late) to facebook over the pst few days. It was a little bit off an adventure and also a test for me in relation to software and communities. The list of subscribers to the blog has grown quite large and I am trying to find software that isnt forum oriented where 'like' minded people could chat etc - a bit like 'the wall' in facebook. I'm afraid facebook doesnt do it for me though! I will keep looking.

I did get lots of questions like the ones above and many thanks for them all - so broadly speaking
I dont do any bass fishing until April - sometimes you just have to leave them alone -and conditions are probably at their most difficult for the next few months - somebody is trying to catch one no doubt!
I hope to see some of you at This Spring Show where I will have a stand and do some presentations on bass fishing
I look forward to a shorter season for myself this year and hopefully will bump into some of you on the beaches

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