Tuesday 19 January 2010

The saltwater fly fishing shop

You may have noticed (or not), a little activity around the shop section of SEAi (see top right). At the moment I am loading the software with some parts and actual inventory is been shipped tomorrow and over the next few days. I am not striving for world domination but rather have the intention of supplying people with accessible quality saltwater fly fishing gear.

The equipment that I have decided upon and not all of it is on-line yet, is gear that I have used in all of my fishing both here in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. Its gear that simply works and will continue to do so for a long time once used properly. Yes there is probably more expensive equipment available, this is not an objective of mine.

I want to provide cross functional, cost effective and capable solutions for anglers whom maybe want to do some fly fishing for bass fishing in Ireland and whom also have the intention of visiting warmer climes for light destination fishing – for bonefish, barracuda, and jacks etc. Without spending the equivalent of many months of mortgage payments these solutions are entirely possible!

I have always avoided loading this blog with posts of You must buy this or You have to have the latest this or that, and I have no intention of starting now. I remain fully impartial to all gear and equipment, I do have preferences based on many years of experience spending hundreds of days at sea, guiding. My inventory decisions are based around reality and performance over time and an agreed arrival at what will suit an anglers various needs. Those decisions to add or subtract items will be based upon the performance of equipment in the field (or sea) should I say.

To stay in touch, if you feel the need to do so on new products added and reviews etc they will be found at this location

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