Friday 27 August 2010

Bass streamer fly box

Large Size Grand Slam Cases

Optimized slit foams to hold heavy wire hooks and bulky flies with security.Weight from 200g. 8˝x 4.5˝x 1.7˝

C& F DESIGN CF-3500CT available here

A large, clear top, waterproof fly box for big flies and streamers, featuring C&F’s thick, dense white saltwater foam to hold large hooks firmly. This box has three rows of slits, each with a hole punched for easy location of flies.

The flies you see in this box are tied by Andy Elliott at chasingsilver. They are american patterns - hollow fleyes, flatwings, and sloopies running to 8 inches and sometimes a little longer.

The clear top is a new favourite of mine holding eight of these big flies is enough for any session and these boxes and flies will be with me from now until the end of season.

Light, versatile and fits most jacket pockets perfectly.

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