Monday 8 November 2010

Answer - with the added variable of Big Brother

Jim, is the answer getting carjacked by armed gunmen while you're leaving the venue?

Easy to get into the pits, cost of keeping it going, full of armchair experts who really know feck all, people who care are dictated to by the governing bodies who take cash out and don't protect the sport.....list goes on !

My answer was a little bit boring really -sorreeee!

The first race of the 2010 formula one season was on the 14th March - the last on the 14th of November 2010.

I'm not a big fan of GP but when it starts I know the bass fishing season is about to begin - I normally write off the first two races as a time of 'false starts' and the last two races as times of 'possibilities' and for holding your nerve.

The added variable of the Big Brother season - well I guess it was my subconscious recording of eight years of the theme song just before we went on guided nightime fishing forays or just having finished a days fishing - when I hear the theme I will always associate it with been in the thick of all summery things associated with bass guiding in Wexford.

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