Wednesday 30 March 2011

Reflections – on a year ahead


Challenges often appear from what seems like nowhere, that is of course if you accept them as challenges. They could be interpreted as obstacles, difficulties, and down right bloody problems or nuisances. Like most other jobs, guiding for clients for wild fish in a saltwater environment presents a great many obstacles, but this is more than a job to me - its a considerable part of my life.

Indeed the first challenge I face is to get the customer interested in the fishing, the possibilities, the experiences and the environments that Ireland has to offer, then I need to ensure him of my own experience, the service and my ability to guide him professionally and safely.

Getting people to travel to this country to experience quality fishing is indeed a task in itself. What is it that a paying client desires, what makes him decide to travel to Ireland to fish?

Why would you travel to a country to experience guided fishing? What would your wishes be?

There are of course any number of reasons and desires – but this is only stage one of a list.

As I head into a busy new year I am presented with new challenges, ones that didn’t exist before – and like many things in this job they are beyond my control. These too will be met, in the same way that I can deal with tough weather, temperamental fish, wind, rain, cold, sun, clouds, barometric pressure, the newest fly or lure……...

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