Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wexford Biodiversity - Bass fishing protection

You may remember a post I made some time back in relation to Wexfords Biodiversity management - HERE

Wexford County Council wanted the views of all members of the community to help plan how the biodiversity resource of our County was to be protected and managed over the next five years. They invited submissions from the public

Submissions were made to Wexford Co.Council in the last few weeks

TOTAL 99 received - of that TOTAL 75 were in relation to the continued protection of the Bass fishery

75% of total submissions received were concerned about conservation, protection and the re-opening of the commercial Bass fishery. This has proved to be a real heads up for those involved in environmental management and protection.

There may be avenues and ways to further integrate the fishery into the biodiversity protection and management plan in a stonger more embedded fashion

Congratulations to everyone concerned in many many ways

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