Sunday 26 June 2011

Taken from a guides diary 2008

Up at four o’clock to catch the early morning tide, we will fish for the next four or five hours in one of the many unique locations the south east has to offer. I get sleepy-eyed people into the car with gear already on and quietly we slip down the street and into the countryside away into the peace of a summer’s day, a rising sun over blue seas and golden sands. I remain with my customers on each session, each day throughout the week, getting to know them and their fishing patterns and expectations. I constantly provide advice on lure selection, casting, flies, lines locations, and best advice on any number of subjects.

It’s a week of mental and physical demands that need constant concentration, focus and attention, planning and re-planning to keep customers happy and safe for 10 hours a day for five days. Then of course there’s the fickle fish to deal with! There are times you need to be all things all of the time.

But I don’t want to do anything else. I have a huge sense of pride in being able to give people a unique, quality angling experience in the county where I was born. It is my objective to make that experience as good and as unique as I possibly can each time, for each group. To convey the essence of Ireland’s unique saltwater sport fishery sensibly and sustainably to the rest of the world is indeed a challenging occupation.

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